Throughout the BD Group, we believe in doing everything we can to protect the environment today and for future generations.

We recognise that both our day-to-day operations and our distributed products can have an impact on the environment – and we’re committed to reducing our use of energy and paper and recycling core materials wherever possible.

Recyclability: Products

We carefully review the Environmental focus of our key suppliers:


At the end of a Composite Panel’s life, Rockwool Limited (manufacturer of Rockwool, which is also manufactured under the brand name SeaRox), provides a service whereby 100% of the mineral wool product can be recycled and re-entered into the manufacturing process. We encourage the utilisation of this process by all our manufacturing sites and partners.

Film laminated steel

Dobel’s film laminated steel can be recovered at the end of its useful lifetime, representing an important raw material in the production of new steel by re-melting. The pollutants caused by metal and paint coatings during this process can be removed, which prevents their emission to the atmosphere. We encourage the collection of all film laminated sheet for routing through the appropriate scrap recovery channels to achieve this by all our manufacturing sites and partners.

Saving energy and paper: Electronic Archives

Where possible, we operate a ‘Paperless Office’ to ensure that the majority of our Quality and Project documentation is archived electronically, as opposed to retaining physical copies of all contract documentation.

BD Group’s in-house processes are reviewed quarterly to maintain a focus on reducing our consumption of energy and paper as a priority within the business.