C-600 is an acoustic double wall system with two independent wall elements installed in the same profile system.
Available as standard or modular system.
Allows installation of electrical cables before completing assembly (in 70 mm version).
The wall elements are special stiffened and approved according to High Speed Code (HSC) for 30 minutes non-load bearing.


All weights are based on system weight, including all profiles.

Fire Class
Sound Reduction
DescriptionFire ClassStandard
Width (mm)
Panel Height
(Up to/mm)
Module Width (mm)Thickness (mm)Weight (Kg/m2)Sound Reduction
Thermal Insulation
(W/m2 K)
C-600/50B-15/B-306003000100-7005027450.59Double wall
C-600/70B-15/B-306003000100-7007027.2460.69Double wall
CS-600/50B-15/B-306003000100-7005033.2480.72Double wall
CS-600/70B-15/B-306003000100-7007033.4490.69Double wall


Standard corner solution

C-600 : CS-600 - Standard corner solution

Detail for changing direction of installation

C-600 : CS-600 - Detail for changing direction of installation

U-profile for flush finish

C-600 : CS-600 - U-profile for flush finish

Standard T-connection

C-600 : CS-600 - Standard T-connection