Standing for “Clip In System”. It is the ease and speed with which the CIS panel systems are installed and demounted that makes this system the most popular and widely used system in the market place today. All panels within the CIS range are rigid in strength and extremely flexible in cutting and installing. Available as a standard or fully modular system.


Non-load bearing composite firewalls for the offshore and marine industries.
The A60 CIS-100A wall doubles as the BD special acoustic partition system giving a good sound reduction of 46 dB and a good acoustic absorption factor of 1.03 at 500 Hz. The system is certified for use with perforated steel to either one or both panel faces.
All weights shown are for the fully installed system and include all profiles.
Standard Conduit Raceways size 20 x 30mm

Fire Class
Sound Reduction
BD Systems Panels are supplied with all the connecting profiles designed to meet project specific requirements.
DescriptionFire ClassStandard
Width (mm)
Panel Height
(Up to/mm)
Module Width (mm)Thickness (mm)Weight (Kg/m2)Sound Reduction
Thermal Insulation
(W/m2 K)
CIS-25Non Combustible5753000-2714.42281.12Lining Panel
CIS-A30A0 - A30 / 1 hour5754500-5219.35320.61Partition Panel
CIS-100A60 / 1 hour5756000-10226.235 Lab Test0.32Partition Panel
CIS-100AA60 / 1 hour5756000-10230.62460.32Partition Panel


Standard End

CIS wall panel detail - Standard End

Standard Corner (B30) (A30)

CIS - wall panel detail - Standard Corner (B30) (A30)

Standard Corner

CIS wall panel detail - Standard Corner

Standard T-Joint

Cis - wall panel detail - Standard T-Joint

Standard Radius Corner

CIS wall panel detail - Standard Radius Corner