As a fully mechanically fixed structure CLEARSPAN is a unique Lightweight Blast & Fire Wall System.

Manufactured from 2 x 50mm thick composite panels.

The unique design enables the inner and outer panels to be held in place with a structural panel joint.

The cavity structure is so designed that in the event of an explosion, the steel supports between the joint system will collapse in a controlled manner reducing the energy imported to the supporting structure whilst at the same time maintaining structural integrity in the face of a Hydrocarbon fire.


  • Fully mechanically fixed
  • Lightweight
  • Significant Blast Loadings can be achieved without the need for additional support structures.
  • Cavity depth and panel thickness can be adjusted to meet elevated Blast requirements.
  • Designed to incorporate BD Blast doors, windows and penetrations.

Blast Design subject to project requirements. Illustrated design rated to 1.35 Bar and 4.35 mtr Span and 250mm Cavity

Fire Class
DescriptionFire ClassStandard
Width (mm)
Panel Height
(Up to/mm)
Module Width (mm)Thickness (mm)Weight (Kg/m2)Sound Reduction
Thermal Insulation
(W/m2 K)
CLSP - H60 H60 / 2 hour120012000-300 (overall)90 (average)540.22-


Typical Joint Detail

Horizontal Joint Detail

Typical periphery fixing detail

Typical periphery fixing detail

Detail of Lattice Joint

Clearspan - Detail of Lattice Joint