Door leaf:

Reinforcement plates for hinges, door closer and panic bar are provided and welded on the inside of the door leaf.

Door frame:

The profile of the frame is L-shaped mild or stainless steel with adjustable frame for gasket. The door frame is delivered suitable for bolting or welding.


The bottom part of the hinges is welded to the frame and the top part is screwed to the door leaf with 3 screws on each hinge. The hinges are provided with stainless steel washers between the top and bottom parts to reduce friction.

Options available:

  • Single and double doors
  • Panic bar
  • Vision panel
  • Semi-watertight
  • Gas-tight
  • Pneumatic operated hinge door
  • Blast
Fire Class
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DescriptionFire ClassOperationSurface doorleafFrame (and top element)Thickness doorleaf
(c.o. 750 mm/kg)
Clear opening size (mm)Sound Reduction
HB-5000A-60Manual2mm (alt. 3 mm) painted steel or stainless steel3mm (alt. 4 or 5mm) L-shaped painted steel or stainless steel641201100 x 250044Internal/External A-doorsOptions: Heating cable, pirate lock, horizontal or vertical panic bar. Automatic 3 point lock for passive leaf (double door)


HB-5000 Steel double door

HB 5000 - double steel doors

HB-5000 Steel door

HB 5000 - steel door

HB-5000 Detail

HB 5000 - detail