With many years of experience and specialised competence, Norac AS offer fully fitted wet units. The Norac modular wet units are ideal for marine accommodations, from cruise ships to offshore installations.

The Norac wet units, whether standard or custom made, are manufactured according to the strictest rules and regulations and are fabricated from only first class materials.

In our design the emphasis is on using durable solutions to ensure maximum quality, comfort and well-being of our customers, whether being a ship owner, ship yard or end user.

The units are manufactured with great deal of consideration given to the ease of handling and installation.

Throughout the production process the units are subjected to strict quality control to ensure that all of our materials conform to our policy of supplying only first class quality.

Fire Class
Aluminium construction. Prefabricated modular wet units for all types of marine accommodations also available in light weight, non-corrosive aluminium - B15 class. Weight reduction as much as 20-25%.
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Door in single wall

Door in sandwich wall

Details outwards opened door - Wet Unit Norac wet units can be supplied with the cabin side having a finished surface as shown above.

Norac wet units can be delivered with different drainage systems according to our customer’s specification. Norac wet units are delivered with walls and ceilings manufactured in a sandwich construction with no open/visible insulation.

Solution for heating cable and/or step

Standard solution for tiled floor

Standard solution for tiled floor


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