Based in Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk, BD Group is the largest UK producer of internal and external fire-rated structures: a family owned and run British Company that has designed and produced purpose built Composite Modular Architectural Systems for the Offshore and Marine Industries for almost 40 years.

How we started: from Dreadnoughts to dry docks

After starting his career in the Dreadnought drawing office at Mildenhall and qualifying in ONC Mechanical Engineering, managing director Ian Leppard worked in the newly developing Brent and Forties oilfields, before joining his father to start BD Engineering Services Ltd in 1977.

With a focus on product development and testing, the company became BD Systems, winning its first major international contract with a commission for the complete internal architectural fit out of two Nile Cruise ferries, being built at Alexandria Dry Dock in Egypt, in 1980.

A sound start for an innovative future

Soon after winning the Nile Cruise Ferries contract – and with particular expertise in soft core mineral wool panel manufacturing – BD launched its own Acoustics Department, an innovative and specialist arm of the business that would ultimately become BD Fire & Blast.
It was a bold step that, by specialising in noise and security control with inbuilt fire and safety protection, created a brand new market within the onshore construction industry.

Customer-driven innovation and growth

A continuous investment in R&D lies at the heart of the BD Group, focused on our mission of putting people first, with an assurance of best-in-class safety, security and protection in offshore and marine environments.

Through BD Systems, our extensive catalogue of innovative, modular architectural solutions is supported by a specialist team of experienced engineers and project managers, working in close consultation with our customers around the world.

BD Products completes the BD Group of companies. With responsibility for marketing and business development, BD Products works closely with our customers, finding out what its like to work with our products and services at the front end – and how we can best support their needs in the future.

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