Cygnus living quarters ready for sail out

Cygnus Accommodation module on barge

The sail out of the Cygnus Living Quarters Module at the end of this month marks the end of a one-year contract for BD Systems, to engineer and supply a single-source, turnkey package for a complete internal architectural system for Cygnus Alpha in the southern North Sea.

As the UK’s second largest production site of natural gas, the £1.4billion Cygnus field is expected to meet the needs of 1.5 million homes when drilling begins towards the end of 2015. As a permanently manned complex, Cygnus Alpha will be ‘home’ to many for the next seven years.

BD Systems was contracted by Installer Kaefer C&D, to engineer and supply a full turn key package for both the accommodation module and PU module, consisting of 34 pre-fabricated cabins complete with integrated bathroom units, self supporting A and B Class ceiling panels, entrance doors and corridor liners.

All other areas for both modules consisted of the standard BD-CIS range of A60 and A30 wall panels and ceilings, internal heavy duty and lightweight doors and fully integrated, glassed screens and doors certified A60 and B15.

All cabin units were manufactured to size and supplied flatpack, with complementary equipment by BD Systems’ manufacturing partners Norac and glassed screens and doors supplied by ‘Aluflam’ of Denmark.

Mr Jeff Blakey, Project Manager for Kaefer C&D who led the installation team, says: “We identified early on that it was crucial for the success of the project for us to have a single source supplier for all the internal architectural components.

“With a long standing relationship, we know and trust BD Systems as a supplier with genuine turnkey capabilities, supplying materials that will meet specification, with deliveries to fit both schedule and budget.”

BD Group launches new division to support global network

The UK’s largest producer of fire rated modular architectural systems for the offshore and marine industries has launched a new division to support manufacturers, agents and partners worldwide.

BD Products Limited will provide an active interface between BD’s global customers and the company’s R&D and product development activities, working with customers, often installers, to review their experience of working with BD Systems in offshore and marine environments.

BD Group managing director Ian Leppard says, “BD’s product portfolio, reputation and growth are built on innovation to deliver robust internal and external structural solutions in challenging environments.”

“BD Products has been set up to help accelerate our new product development programme, by feeding customer experience directly and more rapidly into our R&D processes.”

The new company will also be engaged in assessing BD’s performance overall in meeting customer expectations, with additional responsibility for the Group’s international marketing and business development programme.